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Photography Workshop




PADI Divemaster Course in Sharm El Sheikh

The PADI Divemaster Course offers you the opportunity to achieve a professional rating, whether your are interested in career development, or just want to improve your diving knowledge and skills. Choose between a two or four-week course in the Red Sea. The shorter course covers the basic exercises and theory required for certification but we strongly recommend the four-week internship if you are interested in working as a divemaster.

Two Week Option
Divemaster Working in PoolIf you elect to take the two-week option you should bear in mind that although the prerequisite for starting a course is only 20 dives, we will not be able to certify you as a divemaster until you have logged 60. We therefore recommend that you should have logged around 45 dives prior to your arrival, and that you have completed the required reading: workbook, manual and encyclopaedia.

Four Week Option
The four-week course is known as an internship and is specifically designed to prepare you for the realities of life as a working divemaster. Like the two week course you will cover the required skills and theory, but your instructor will also be able to teach you something of the "art" of guiding. Under his or her supervision your briefing, planning, and guiding skills will reach the levels necessary for finding work.


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